Teslacigs Punk 120W Review

Steampunk. From Wikipedia

is a subgenre of science fiction or science fantasy that incorporates technology and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery.

Build Quality & Design

Wow! This is a hefty mod… 250g without batteries, so you will definitely know that you’re carrying this. The sides have got a great moulded design of gears and cogs on it, it adds a little bit to the grip of what would otherwise be a very slippy mod. It comes in 4 colours, of which the copper is absolutely beautiful. I got the steel because as you’ll see in more posts, I’m an absolute sucker for things in plain steel. Also, these designs have got good clean edges, it makes it feel quality and less like something that’s been stamped out in the thousands. It’s got a 25mm top plate, and I think it looks pretty awesome with the Aspire Cleito 120 on top. The fire button is also metal, and falls nicely under the thumb. I really like mods that have the button angled like this and I wish there were more. Both the fire button and the +/- buttons are nice and clicky.

One of the best things about this mod is the physical on/off switch, it’s a toggle switch that has a satisfyingly positive feel when it clicks into place. My own version is starting to get a little bit stiff after a year of use, but although it takes a little more push than it used to, you can feel when it flicks from on to off. I quite like the safety aspect of this as well, because you’re physically cutting the battery power to the mod.

No USB port, so no on-device charging, also no updateable firmware. But in all honesty I’m not sure I’ve ever updated the firmware on a mod, so long as it doesn’t have any bugs in it, I’m ok with this.

Now the battery door… this feels fine when you first get it, but the more you use it, the weaker the latching of it feels. It got to the point on my version where if I wasn’t careful when I picked it up, the barest brush from my hand would send the door springing open and my 18650’s dropping to the floor. Not ideal. There are various solutions to this out there, the first one I came across was hitting it with a hammer! However there’s a much easier solution, which is getting a tiny piece of electrical tape, or similar, and sliding it into a gap in the hinge. Too much and you won’t be able to close the battery door, or worse, you’ll close it and not be able to get it open (this happened to me), so start off small, and try a few different pieces until you find the right size. I still don’t know why exactly this happens, and I’m hoping I can find a more permanent solution that doesn’t involve jamming stuff into the hinges, I have some tiny screwdrivers arriving soon, so I’ll update this when I take it to pieces a little!

How does the Teslacigs Punk 120 perform?

Dual 18650 battery mod, so 120W is actually achievable.

This was the first mod I used that had curve settings on it, curve settings (for those that don’t know) are a way of controlling the power output over the course of taking a vape. I would highly recommend playing around with this, although it’s a relatively small change, and not nearly as noticeable on MTL, but when you’re vaping DTL it can actually make a big difference. It comes with a standard selection of settings, Hard, Soft and User, where you can go in and where you can set the power that it starts at, and then several different power settings over the course of the vape.

Temperature Control is all present and correct, though it does seem to be a little on the conservative side, never quite seeming to hit the temperature it tries to, and never quite vaping the cotton as dry as it might. Still, I would much prefer temp control errs on the side of caution, and you know you have to dial it up a bit, than end up occasionally getting a dry hit. Having said that, I do tend to use SS rather than either of the more accurate temp control wires (Ni followed by Ti) so that may be on me slightly. The one thing to be really aware of, is despite the fact that the mod allows you to lock the TC, once you switch off the mod, it will lose this. I suspect that this is due to the switch being a physical switch (remember the one I raved about?) cutting all power to the board. So if you’re happily vaping away in TC, switch off the mod, and then change your mind because you want to take another draw, the coil will still be hot and so the mod will now think that that is it’s base resistance. Meaning you’re about to get some serious over heating issues if you fire it up again immediately.

Final Review Verdict

Despite the issues with the battery door, I love this mod. I’m generally a fan of tube mods, but this box mod just feels really nice in the hand, great weight to it and the physical on off switch is just the icing on the cake.


Gotta love a big hunk of steampunk in your mod!

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