Wotofo Serpent Elevate RTA Review

As a dedicated MTL vaper it’s not that often that I pick up a new DTL tank, and what do you know? I’ve added two to the collection this week! One retro, one modern. So let’s start closer to the present and take a look at the Wotofo Serpent Elevate RTA!

Build Quality & Design

Right off the bat I made a change from my normal stainless steel and got the gold version of the RTA. Not my normal colour, but I was wanting something that would look good on my Vapeman Steam Engine, and it matches the gold top plate really nicely. I’m really pleased that Wotofo didn’t do what so many manufacturers seem to do these days and make it all shiny! Instead, it’s a nice matte gold colour, and the low profile drip tip looks like you have Goldshl├Ąger for your drip tip. This might be a little divisive, but I think it looks awesome. If you don’t agree, you’ll be pleased to know that you get a more subdued smoked drip tip, as well as a 510 adapter in the box.

The box itself is also really classy, bright green and black Wotofo graphics. You get a decent amount of extras in the box, it comes with a plastic tank with artificial thickening to bring it down to the TPD mandated 2ml, happily you also get a 4ml bubble glass in the box. You also get a coil length tool to snip your legs to the correct length, spare o-rings, grub screws, and an allen key.

The deck on this is super easy to build on, it’s a postless single coil deck with four coil holes, so it doesn’t matter if you build left handed or right handed (seriously, every deck like this should have 4 holes!). I suppose if you were feeling like trying something different, you could probably fit two micro coils in there, but I’m not sure why you’d want to. Snipping your wires with the included coil is pretty easy, but I’m actually surprised that they don’t have a 3mm length as I find that somewhere between 3 and 4mm is the best. I much prefer having my coil set quite low down, as the airflow is pretty interesting. It’s a top airflow design, and gives a slightly restrictive lung hit. The air hits the deck from directly underneath it, but it also comes out two side ports.

The tank all unscrews really easily for cleaning, nice and smooth threading on everything, really machining on a tank at this price point, the o-rings are all nice and tight, and I’d recommend giving them a slight lube with some liquid the first time you take it to pieces to build it. You have the drip tip, top cap, the airflow ring which has a nice snakeskin pattern making for really easy adjusting, the chimney section (which doesn’t come apart due to the top airflow), tank and build deck. The chimney section has some graphics on it, but they’re not terribly distracting, they’re engraved into the metal itself so they’re pretty subtle.

How does the Serpent Elevate RTA perform?

As is becoming to become the norm (especially with DTL tanks!) it took me a couple of goes to get the wicking right on this one, it’s really tempting to overstuff the juice ports, but especially as this is top airflow, you really don’t need to! I currently have a 0.2╬ę coil in it running at 65W and the vape is fantastic, great clouds and flavour from this single coil. In fact I’d say the flavour is probably one of the best ones I’ve experienced so far with DTL tanks.

Refilling is nice and easy, about one and a half turns removes the top cap and you’ve got two decent kidney holes to fill your tank with. My only note here is to be a little careful, if you don’t get the angle of your bottle just right then it’s silly easy to end up with your liquid ending up running over the top of the tank. Adjusting the airflow is also pretty effortless, the extra grip provided by the snakeskin pattern really helps here, and I’m always keen to have an AFC ring stop at the fully open and fully closed positions as it makes setting it by feel something you can quickly get used to. The ring is nice and tight though, so it’s hard to accidentally knocked it out of where you’ve set it.

Final Review Verdict

This has jumped up to be probably my second favourite DTL tank, it’s nicely put together and the flavour is great. The gold version that I picked up certainly isn’t going to be to everyone’s taste, but it also comes in steel, black, gunmetal, blue and rainbow. They all have the slight matte finish that my gold tank has, so just keep that in mind if you have a shiny silver mod that the steel might look a little old. Wotofo seem to have been on a bit of a winning streak recently, and whilst this tank doesn’t do anything crazy different, it’s been put together really well. It’s got some of my favourite features, top airflow, postless deck, and air directed directly at the sides of the coil as well as from underneath.


I’m not a big fan of DTL, but the little snake here is making me reconsider slightly. Beautifully put together and a great flavour.

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