My first “real” review!

So yesterday my first review on ecigclick went up. It’s all about the lovely little MTL kit the Aspire K1 Stealth Kit and you can read it here. The reason that I call it my first real review is because anyone can start a website up and post their thoughts. But there’s a real sense of accomplishment in having your review judged of good enough, quality for a well known and respected website to put your work up.

Of course there’s now the reasonable question of what I do with this website? Page views in the single digits are not something to write home about. However I think on balance I’ll be keeping it, and I’ll use it to review older stuff, more esoteric stuff, and also to post my thoughts on vaping topics and advocacy.

I started reviewing and writing about things for a few main reasons. Firstly I have also enjoyed written reviews, it’s how my brain works and I can quickly suck in a huge amount of information from them. I think that putting more positive interesting content there out there about vaping, can only be a good thing. If it helps even a few people make the switch from cigarettes, then it’s definitely worth it. Also it’s a nice little side project, where I get to indulge my love of kit, and finding out exactly how something works.

So I will continue this blog, and whenever I do a new review on ecigclick, I’ll pop a link up here to let people find it easily if you follow my site.

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